Monday, October 25, 2010

Anthro-Inspo 2

Disclaimer: The best (read: ONLY) picture I could get of myself today was standing in my tiny
(read: T-I-N-Y) bedroom...which is kinda messy. Don't judge. ;-P

OK, now that that's over... here is the second installment of Anthro-Inspo! (Click here to see the first)

Sorry for the horrible photo quality, too - its raining outside so my camera was doing funky things. Also, its balanced on my bookshelf... I'm definitely asking for a tripod for Christmas....

So, how did I do? I really, really want to find a cloche like the one from the Anthro image... but I can't seem to find one for less than about $50. So, I wore my new favorite headband in the whole wide world:
photo borrowed from

Its from Jody over at The Little Prints (Hi, Jody!). Its made out of an old necktie....I loooove it! She just added a matching brooch to her shop that I just might have to have.....

Happy Monday!!

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