Sunday, October 24, 2010

Halloween - the big reveal!

I dressed as Hello Kitty for the Halloween party last night!
Here's a close-up of some of the details: 
I had so much fun! I went with my professor and his family (the kids I babysit). It was at the Dean's house (which I kind of want to live in), so there were lots of professors there and in costume, haha!

Apparently Dean Bob goes insane for Halloween.... his whole house was decorated with so much detail! It took him more than 5 weeks to get everything ready! Crazy!

Here's Hannah with one of the Undead: 

I kept thinking this animatronic witch was a real person! She danced! 

We all went out to watch the town's Halloween parade, which was surprisingly cool (for a small town parade!) - there were bumper cars driving down the street! 

And here's some of my swag from the party: 

Each child got to pick out 2 tshirts (and there were LOTS of kids there). I was helping the kiddos pick shirts, and the lady 'working' there insisted I get one too! Awesome. 

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