Thursday, November 18, 2010

To-do, to-day, Part II

Remember my to-do list from earlier today?

Well, I got it all done except for the haircut part. The interview at Ten Thousand Villages was awesome! I am so excited to be helping out there. I was a little worried that my extremely-limited availability would be a problem, but as it turns out, most volunteers only give about 1 day each month! I was thinking about 1 day each week, so that's great! And the best part is that, even though they don't actually have any paid positions (aside from store managers), volunteers still get a discount on merch! So I took full advantage of that today and picked up a few goodies. :-D

Cute little plush scooter ornament

If you have a Ten Thousand Villages store near you, I highly recommend checking it out - every item has a story...literally! I watched a short video that the store receives with their shipments every month about the new items and the people who make them. The video showed the actual people who make the items... and many of them are disabled or unable to work for various reasons. It feels really nice to know that the item you purchase is actually helping a real person somewhere in the world.

This is my favorite find of the day: it has the phrase "carry peace in your heart" in both English and Sanskrit.  Its a nice little mantra to keep in mind throughout the day.  :)

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