Friday, November 19, 2010

Hello, friends...
I'm soooo glad its Friday, finally!! This was was pretty stressful with a big Chem exam on Wednesday, but now its the weekend!!!

I started my weekend out right today by getting a hair-trim (long overdue!) and pottering around the house... I needed this!! 

What better way to potter than in a cozy new pair of Lukees?

and laze around with my doggies?
Notice me making silly faces in the mirror in the background,
trying to keep Daisy's attention

Chase begs like this all.the.time. Its so cute. He can sit like that, on his back haunches, foreverrr. He's not even actually begging for anything, he just wants attention (which I'm obliged to shower him with). What an improvement, eh?

And this is Roxy, my momma's dog. I don't know if I've ever even mentioned her on here before.... she's usually asleep in my mom's room, but lately she spends a lot of time in my room....probably because its warmer in here.  ;-)
P.S. Roxy is Daisy's mom, and Duffy is Daisy's dad...funny combo, huh?

I found this guy at the Goodwill yesterday for, like, $0.39. I looooove Bumble!!

Here's the best Bumble clip:

aaaand... I made a few more pages in my art journal today!
So far, this one is my favorite!

and I know everyone has experienced this before....

which were you today??

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