Saturday, November 27, 2010


Ooooh, I'm so excited - I ordered this Little Otsu Annual Vol. 4 Weekly Planner bright and early this morning. I pretty much demolished my current planner, and I literally can't get through a school day without one, and this one is just perfect!!
I mean, just look - the pages are filled with geology illustrations!
Soooo excited.
(I wonder...what does that say about my personality, that I'm excited about a new planner??! Haha!)


Today, I think Krista and I are going to go do a little bit of shopping. Stops to include: TTV, A.C. Moore, and possibly Borders?? Ooh, and probably a thrift store or two... good day!

In completely unrelated news, last night was a big milestone for this guy.... see, he's got this bad habit of running like the wind if he happens to get off of his leash outside, or if the door is left open for a split second. And he will not stop for anything. Its really very upsetting because a) he tends to run right down the middle of the road, which can obviously cause a few problems; and b) I know its silly, but it hurts my feelings. I think to myself, his life was so awful before he came to us, why would he want to run away? (Of course I know that's ridiculous, but I can't help but think it!). Anyway, I put him on the lead last night to go potty before we went to bed, and after a while I realized he had been out for much longer than usual, and I hadn't heard him bark. So I went out back to call him inside, and he wasn't on the lead. I totally freaked out, ran inside to put on shoes, grabbed a flashlight, and was getting ready to hop in my car to go find him... and then the other dogs all ran to the front door, barking. Lo, and behold, when I looked out the front door, Chase was standing on the porch waiting patiently for me to let him inside. This was huge because a) he actually came back on his own (!!!); and b) I'm kind of shocked that he knew to go to the front door.... we only ever take the dogs out the back door. Chase obviously knew where home was, and that made me feel really, really happy. And the best part was, he seemed genuinely relieved when I let him inside. I don't know how long he was off the lead, or how far he went before he came back, but I think he finally realizes that this is his home, and that he is loved.

*I think I know why his previous owners named him "Chase"?*

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  1. He's so cute!

    And I love your new feather border.


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