Saturday, December 11, 2010

Oh, Christmas tree!

We put up our Christmas tree today!!
I looove white trees! I bought this one several years ago after Christmas for $7! But my mom never wanted to put it up - she likes "natural" looking trees better. Pooey. So finally this year, I mentioned my poor ol' white tree that had never even been taken out of the box yet, and she said we could put it up! Everyone in the family loves it now, including my mom. :D

I think it makes all of our ornaments stand out way better than on a green tree....
Here are some of my very most favorites!
My mom has had this Santa since she was a little girl... 
My parents found this one for me a few years ago at a yard sale! You can't really tell, but the bird is orange and glittery! (I love glittery ornaments!) 

We've had this one since as long as I can remember...
this may have been another that my mom had when she was little! 
One of my "baby's first" ornaments! I think its so cute. :) 
I made tihs one with a peanut butter jar lid and an old Christmas card when I was about 3.... 
This is one of my NEW favorites.... I found her at a church rummage sale over the summer for like $0.05! 
And I had to get this one at TTV a few weeks ago..... in honor of my own beloved scooter! 

Putting up and decorating the tree pretty much made my entire weekend.... as stressful as it is, what with studying for my Chem final that's Monday morning at 8:00 a.m.! I think I'm declaring today a Mental Health Day, and tomorrow will be the Horrible Studying Day.....

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  1. okay, we are tree twins! i have a pretty white tree up right now and i have at least two of the ornaments you posted! the velvety santa has been a fave since i was little, and the angel i got from my grandma. they both mean a lot to me!

    um, and where can i get a deer in a top hat?! I NEED IT!!


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