Saturday, December 4, 2010

Rebelling with every bit of my essence...

I simply cannot get motivated to do any schoolwork this weekend....which is a bad thing, because I have plenty to do. :-/  See, I've already mentally checked-out.... that week off over Thanksgiving totally spoiled me, and now, with only 1 week of classes left, I can't seem to get it together! Bleh.

I've always been a life motto (as far as school is concerned, anyway) is "Why do today what you can put-off until tomorrow?"....really. But that works for me!

So, the final countdown and to-do list of my undergraduate career:

- Chem homework due Monday
- Chem lab practical Tuesday morning
- Chem lab writeup due Tuesday
- Ecology presentation on Tuesday
- Ecology lab report due Wednesday
- Cartographer final map due Wednesday at noon
- possibly another chem hw or two Wednesday and Friday?

and.... thus far, I have nothing done. Tomorrow!!

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