Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday, the day before Monday

So, I had so much to do this weekend, and in true Veronica-fashion, put it all off until today. But, I totally kicked butt this morning and got about 80% of this week's work done by noon today! Woo! The only things left to do now are:

-put together the ecology powerpoint presentation for Tuesday
(need to hear from my other group members first! Grrrr.)

- Finish my final Cartography map (due Wednesday)

- Study for my chem lab practical (Tuesday at 8:00 a.m.)

and....I think that's it! Awesome!!

I am going to be freaking out by the time Wednesday rolls around....actually, probably by the end of Tuesday, I'll be jumping for joy!! My week will essentially be over, and all that will be left is to go to a few lectures, no biggie. Then, finals week (which I never stress about.... if I made it through the semester, I should do fine on the final, no problemo!), and then its CHRISTMAS BREAK!!! Oh yeah, and this other thing called GRADUATION!!!

Other things that are awesome today:

This video:


This new series from Little Otsu! I want!!

and.... lots of other things. Its snowing!! But its not sticking to the ground. :-P  Its supposed to snow all week, it looks like, so maybe we'll actually have a little accumulation??

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