Friday, December 31, 2010

Today is going to be a busy day.... the last day of 2010! I'm ready to say goodbye to 2010.... it wasn't a particularly kind year to me. I have high hopes for 2011!

To usher out 2010, I've got a list of things to get done today:
- Clean house! My mom is coming home from visiting my aunt and nanny today, and I don't want her to come home to a messy house!
- Bathe my dogs....they're kinda gross right now ;)
- Grocery shopping! The fridge is full, but there's nothing to eat.....weird how that happens...
- Vacuum the Blue Beast... I can tell already, I'm going to be a clean-freak about my new car! I might even take it through a car wash today.... its supposed to be almost 50 degrees today, so it won't be too miserable if I go to one of the DIY car washes! (I prefer DIY to the automated ones)
- Get dad motivated to a) fix my sister's car heater (it has been too cold to not have heat while you're driving!) and b) get my subwoofer working in the Beast!
- and...... do some more cleaning/organizing around my room. The New Year always seems like a good time for freshen things up!

***OK, I got a few things done.... but now I feel all cranky and agitated. Bleh. Dogs are NOT getting bathed today, and..... maybe I'll clean the Beast tomorrow. :/

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