Saturday, January 1, 2011

Goodbye, and good riddance, to 2010!


In January, my then-boyfriend and I packed up all of our belongings and moved them to Texas, where he was starting grad school. I was to graduate stay in PA to finish my semester, graduate, and then follow him down there. I spent a few weeks in Texas, visiting my grandparents, and I got to play with my adorable little cousin Colin. Then I flew back to PA and moved back into a teeny-tiny shoebox-sized room at my parents'!


I turned 25 and celebrated by....just eating cupcakes at home haha.

Then it snowed a whole bunch, and we had Snowpocalypse 2010. This is the 4 ft. above ground swimming pool in my yard.... 

And this was my front porch. Danger danger! 


In March, all the Snowpocalypse snow melted and caused crazy flash floods! I live on top of a mountain, and the creeks still looked like this:

Then my cat Tootsie had kittens! 

And then it was Spring. :) 

I went to Texas over spring break, and held a baby for the first time in about 15 cousin Rylee 

And hung out with little Colin some... 

The day after I got home from Texas, I presented my research at the Northeast/Southeast joint chapter meeting of the GSA in Baltimore and won an undergraduate student paper award from the SEPM. Cool!


April was pretty much the worst month of my life. A few weeks after my visit in Texas, Teddy suddenly decided he "didn't have time for a relationship".... and just like that, it was over. I was in a fog for the next 6-8 months, and the only thing I remember about April is presenting at my school's student research symposium.


In May, I found a mini-doughnut pan at the thrift store and made vegan doughnuts for the first time.

and took time to appreciate the little things.

Like growing kittens....

and going for walks at the park.....

I even made the best of a plane ticket to Texas that I had already bought.
I went to the zoo with my aunts and their combined 5 children, and it was an absolutely marvelous time. ♥


Things really started to get better in June. A new guy entered my life....

(Look how gross he was! Haha)

My summer Field Techniques course started.... being busy with school, and being outdoors, helped me focus and feel more...normal.

All of the berries in my yard came ripe at the same time! I ate raspberries and mulberries for DAYS.

I got a new tattoo...

and discovered that Chase likes car rides. :) 


I celebrated the 4th of the July with some old friends and good food...

This picture always cracks me up. ;) 

I came to terms with the fact that I'd be living in my teeny-tiny shoebox room for a longer time than originally intended, and started the process of making it feel liveable... 

There were more kittens....born in June, I think, but this is the first time pictures of them surface ;)
Baby Bagheera (who is sleeping beside me as I type this today) 

And Chase got the ol' snip-snip...poor little Conehead. 

Oh! And I got all my hair chopped off!


Sabrina and I went to the National Aquarium in of my very most favorite places!

And, I started my laaaast semester as an undergrad...woo!


My baby sister turned 18

We went to the Renaissance Faire...twice.

My uncle and his family came from Georgia to visit.... and little Nicki loved me!!


Sabrina and I traveled to Gulfport, Mississippi for a service-learning trip over Fall Break
(here and here)

When we got back, it was Autumn

I went to a Halloween party with my advisor and his Hello Kitty! :) 

Had a Bigfoot sighting at the Hershey Zoo.... 

And picked some of the very best pumpkins EVER. 


November was a fun month...
I took my friend Sarah for her first visit to Baltimore Aquarium
(I can't get enough of that place!)

and started getting into the Holiday spirit! 

School kept me really busy, with the semester juuuust about to end, and graduation looming on the horizon!
I also started my art journal, which has quickly turned into one of my very most favorite things. I needed a creative outlet, and I found art journaling at just the right time in my life. :)


(The animals thought so too)

Notice, I haven't announced the I have, in fact, graduated yet.... its under "final review", and won't be on my official transcript until about January 11, so I'm just not thinking about it yet. Everything should be fine, but until I see the letters "B.S." beside my name, I'm pretending like I havn't graduated yet!! So..its something to look forward to in the New Year!

This post is plenty long, so I'll be back later with a New Year's post!

Happy New Year!!

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