Friday, January 22, 2010

Some pictures from Texas

Here are a few more pictures from our adventures in Texas recently. That top one is of my momma and Teddy. I wasn't actually there for that picture; my mom flew down to TX 2 days after I left TX! But doesn't Teddy look handsome?
The second picture is of Teddy with my baby cousin Colin. Colin LOVES Teddy, and I think its safe to say that the feeling is reciprocal. It's so cute to watch them play. Teddy created a monster when he taught Colin to sit on a boogie board and be 'flown' around (by Teddy running through the house carrying him). Haha!
And here are all three of us. See, Colin is still sitting onthe boogie board! Hahaha.
School started on Tuesday... I've been soooooo bogged down with work, already! I have done almost nothing but read from my textbooks for the past 3 days! Tomorrow, I will be helping my dad work on my car (which has been out of commission, it needs a new clutch; I've been driving my grandma's Cadillac!!), so this weekend is sure to be just filled with fun, fun, fun! (NOT)

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