Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Big, Fat Hypothetical Wedding

So, I'm embarassed to admit it, but my attention (well, the tiny bit I have left after schoolwork)has been almost entirely consumed by watching terrible wedding shows on t.v. like Rich Bride, Poor Bride, Say Yes to the Dress, and (my favorite) Platinum Weddings.

It's really quite ironic, because a) I am not currently engaged; and b) I have NEVER, and still don't, want a 'real' wedding. I never imagined my 'big day' as a little girl, and now on the eve of 25, I still don't. The theatrics of it all is a real turn-off to me; I would much rather go to the courthouse for a simple ceremony (without an audience!), and then go celebrate with our friends and family.
That being said, there's something very appealing about watching OTHER people freak out about what to wear, how to do their hair, etc., etc. And maybe that's just the natural tendency for girls (or guys) who like fashion/design/etc. And ever so slightly, I find myself thinking, "Oooh, that's a pretty dress", or "Oh, my hair would look cute like that", or even "Wow, I really like that bouquet". Yikes.

I maintain that I will never have a 'real' wedding, but I do want to get married. And of course, I'll have to look amazing, so here are a smattering of ideas and inspiration for my big, fat hypothetical wedding:

The Dress

I just really don't see myself wearing a traditional gown... I'm short and petite, so I feel like a gown would swallow me up. These are much more my style.

by SaraSeven

by Amsale

by Alfred Angelo

The Hair

My hair is too short for an elaborate up-do, but I really like the idea of my hair down, with a pretty clip or this little ditty:


The Jewelry

by Sirene del Mare

The Bouquet

I think this is the most beautiful group of flowers ever!


The Favors

I LOVE Hens & Chicks; they're cute, hard to kill, and would look adorable in all sorts of little thrifted vessels.


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