Monday, August 30, 2010

A few things about the first day of school.

1. Parking permits cost $65 now, instead of $50 like the past 3 years!!
2. Umm..where did the CUB go? The whole bottom half of the building is pretty much gone and they're doing construction.... where am I going to spend all of my free time now?!?
3. At least there's still Starbucks...
4. I think my Chem professor will be MUCH better than my last one... he was TERRIBLE!
5. I only have 1 class in my beloved Geo building.... all of my other classes are on the other side of campus, which is strange for me!

That's all for now...I'm waiting for the bookstore to open so I can pick up the books I ordered and drag them to my car. My next class is at 1:00 so I'm going to be lounging around in the A/C - its HOT today!

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