Monday, August 30, 2010

Dreaming of Fall

Visions of acorns and harvest hues, preppy jackets and knit scarves, oxfords and satchels filled my mind today, being the first day of school and all. Well, my dreams were quickly dashed - melted, really - by the 95 degree weather today. What is up with that?! It finally cooled off over the past week, and then its back up to nearly 100 degrees today! That's not fair!

And, I am very sad to report that my beautiful new sandals are the most. uncomfortable. shoes. EVER.
My feet are literally blistered and bruised from walking around campus today. I have bruises on the tops of my feet, blisters on the sides and bottom, and bruises between my first and second toes (where the thong goes). I'm so sad! I love those shoes. But... I think I'll reserve them for sitting-only days!

But anyway, back to my dreams of Fall (I'm still trying to banish all thoughts of this heat!). Here are some items that I would just love for Fall!

Now, if only it would cool off!

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  1. umm i'll take one of each please!! i'm ususally not a crazy shoe person, but omg those boots!


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