Saturday, January 1, 2011


Ha! I totally didn't realize, until today, that this is 1/1/11
ONE-ONE-ONE-ONE.... sounds like I'm speaking binary code...nerdy!! :-D

2010 was, as I have mentioned before, NOT a great year for me. So it can only get better, right? Right.
So yesterday I thought about what I want for 2011. As I was thinking, I realized that I learned a lot about myself and life in general over the past year. My main goal in 2011 is to keep on with that learning process... cultivating the person that I want to be through my experiences. That's a good goal, right? :)
I've never been good at resolutions, so instead I came up with this list of simple goals that I'd like to keep in mind over the coming months.
Goals for 2011:

- Go to at least one concert! I haven't been to a show in over 2 years! That's so sad!!

- Meet and mingle, and make some new friends! I tend to get so wrapped up in school that I forget to socialize... but starting grad school this semester, I think I'll be able to achieve this one :)

- Go on a first date? It's time!

- Read at least 3 books...and textbooks don't count!
This one is first on my list!

- Go camping! I haven't been camping in probably around 10 years.....terrible! I'm probably a big sissy now. :(

But if I had a tent like this, I wouldn't care! ;)

- Start exercising regularly! Being vegan, I'm pretty small, but I feel out of shape. I build muscle quickly, but I need to actually do something, huh? ;)

- Be more consistent with my Etsy shop! I was on a roll for a while there, but then school got busy again and I lost momentum...and never regained it. I really, really want to keep it stocked with more regular updates in the New Year!

- Keep my new car washed and waxed! So it looks pretty forever ♥

- Spend more time with my family! Even though we all live in the same house, we're all so busy with work/school/social lives (not me, mostly my sisters ;) that I feel like I just don't spend enough quality time with them. Time to make a change!

 I think that I, like most people, probably do better with small/short-term goals, and definitely a reward system! So I might even take this a step further and do a daily goal.... and share it here on the blog! I think it would be fun, and a good way to appreciate every day (which is something I want to work on in 2011!).

What do you think? Would you participate in a goal-a-day? What are some of your goals for the New Year??

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