Saturday, January 8, 2011

Etsy purchases: past, present, and future

Here are some of my very most favorite Etsy purchases:


Love-love-love it! Its made with all kinds of recycled paper - from old books, maps, etc. And its the perfect size for throwing in your bag, so you can journal on the go! Miss Corey is currently taking a vacation, but I can't wait until she's back and her shop is stocked! You can be sure I'll purchase from her again! :)

I'm actually wearing this headband right now. Hehe. I love it because its made out of an old tie, and bits of lace and fabric scraps. So beautiful! Plus, Jody is a total sweetheart. :)

Amber ring by Birka Scandinavian
I actually ordered 2 rings - the amber one pictured above, and a teensy little labradorite one - that I wear stacked together just about every day. They're so beautiful, well-made, and very affordable! The turn-around time on these was super-fast, too! I'd love to have more Birka rings to stack....

Vegan mineral foundation from Just Pure Minerals
I bought this today because I just ran out! Its super-light and doesn't clog my pores; plus its 100% vegan! Hooray!

Tsai-fi sticker
I can't wait to get this! Its just so darn cute!
**ETA - I got my sticker today....I loooove it!


Recycled book journal by Overdue Industries
My current journal is almost full already, and I like that these are spiral-bound AND made of recycled books. I like the choose-your-own option, where you can browse their HUGE selection of vintage books and pick whichever one you want, and they make it to-order!

This print by MursBlanc
Someone I know, who has a birthday coming up, would love this!

What are some of your favorite Etsy purchases?
What are you thinking of buying next??

(How about a little coinpurse, or perhaps a pretty necklace?)
Hehe ; )


  1. I love all of these! Especially the first journal and the headband, so pretty!


  2. What fun purchases! I especially love the ring and the pretty headband!! :)

  3. nice Etsy buys! I'm going to check out Overdue Industries.

  4. wow! great round-up.. etsy is amazing! cheers to buying handmade! :)

  5. LOVE that headband! I like this post a lot. I think I'm going to buy some rings from Birka too!

  6. etsy is magical.
    you've purchased some BEAUTIFUL things

    sweetness xx
    hope to hear from you*!

  7. that headband is just adorable - i lvoe it! I'm still yet to make an etsy purchase, one day!

  8. Oh! I love that ring.. I actually wear an amber necklace everyday. Dustin picked it out for me when we were 17 and I've worn it almost everyday since!

  9. the art journal is so pretty!
    what do you write in it?

    I always can't bear to write in such pretty notebooks, haha :P

  10. thanks so much for the mention, veronica! so sweet. it's always the best feeling when you know people are happy with your goodies :)


I love reading your comments! Thanks so much! xo

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