Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Its snowing right now - its so beautiful just outside my window!
I'm fine with this snowstorm, except that I really wanted to go to A.C. Moore,
which is a little further down the highway than I'd like it to be, to pick up a few
things that I'll need before I can get these listed in the shop!

Since I probably won't make it down off of the mountain I live on today,
I suppose I'll get back into worker-bee mode, make some more stuff for the shop,
maybe try to get some pictures (though the lighting isn't looking promising)
and... brainstorm! I fell asleep last night thinking about what I want for my shop,
how I can accomplish my goals, and how to take the "next step" with Crack the Sky.
I think I'm at a point in time when I can make this happen!
Its very exciting to think about. : )

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