Friday, January 21, 2011

My second outfit post!

Brrrr! You guys.... it was 22 degrees outside when I took these!! And windy!
Hence the funny eyes-closed face in the third picture, below. ;-)

Sweater - Target
Skirt - U.O.
Tights - Rue21
Socks - thrifted
Boots - U.O.
Belt - Kohls
Hat - Volcom

I think I'm going to go to the antique mall in a little while to browse...and hopefully find some things for the shop! Thrifting has been pretty "meh" lately. But half the fun is in the search, right?
I also need to stop at Michaels and pick up a paint brush for a secret Project Restyle mission! I started it yesterday, but the paintbrushes I have weren't working for my purposes.... (are you curious yet?? hehe)
And then I have to pick the kiddos up from school at 2:30 and babysit for a little while. The girls must have been inspired by Ethan's "Valintin" box; they both had little handmade presents for me yesterday. So cute.

Check back later for this week's 52 Weeks roundup, and my contribution for the week!


  1. Cute sweater! I would give anything to have 20 degree weather. This morning it was a balmy -30 where I live.


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