Tuesday, January 11, 2011

OK, that does it. I'm over Winter!

So, I live on top of a mountain. I have to drive UP said mountain to get home from my babysitting gig every day. Well, today it was snowing while I was on my way home. And the road going UP the mountain hadn't been plowed or salted yet. Going DOWN the mountain? You bet. I passed the salt truck driving DOWN the mountain, happily salting that side of the road. Not my side.


Ok, so maybe it wasn't that bad...but, still. I don't have 4-wheel drive. I'd really rather just not have to drive in the snow, Ok? Thanks.

This is how I feel about snow.
Understand now? 

Although...it does make for some pretty pictures...

The view out of an icy window... 

And spooky trees! 

I took all of these pictures with my Olympus, and then Instagram-ed them hehe
(Told you I was addicted)


  1. I definitely understand...and don't envy your snow situation!

  2. i don't leave in the snow but i am over winter too, i am much more happy when the sun is hot the weather is warm and i can sit in the park and wear dresses! the months will pass soon!



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