Saturday, January 29, 2011


I have been ga-ga over glittery shoes ever since I saw these over at Modcloth.
Well, those are definitely out of my price range, but they've been haunting me for,
oh, the past year or so. I've seen plenty of DIY's floating around the web,
but I've just been too lazy to get around to making my own. But with my birthday
coming up (Feb. 3), I decided I need a pair of glittery shoes to wear!

So I went to the craft store yesterday and bought a bunch of glitter and glue, and
voila! My very own super-glittery shoes in just one evening! My room is covered in glitter;
I probably consumed a fair share of glitter, and definitely breathed a lot of glue-fumes,
but.... so totally worth it! ;-)

I wish the colors were easier to capture in a photo... they are super-duper rainbow-y colors!
I used silver, gold, pink, purple, red, blue, and green, and finished them with 2 coats of Modpodge.
I'm so pleased with the end result! I read several other bloggers' attempts at making something similar,
and I think I did a pretty good job! Some people complained that the Modpodge made the glitter
less I used satin finish (instead of matte). They're definitely shiny - no loss of lustre!
The finish is nice and smooth... the real test will be whether the Modpodge cracks or anything, I guess.
We shall see!

The shoes I used were a pair of black Aerosoles heels that I bought in '09 when I was in Portland, OR for a conference and needed some black heels. They're really comfy, but... I can always get another pair of black heels if the occasion comes! Otherwise, I'd so much rather have a pair of glittery heels, hehe.

Project Cost:
- Shoes - free (already owned 'em)
- Glitter - $3.99 for little packets
of about 15 different colors
- Glitter Glue - $3.99
- Modpodge - $4.50
Total - $12.48

NOT BAD!! ;-)

I can't wait to wear them!!!


  1. In love with those!! I need some glittery shoes now...

  2. Woww these are amazing!


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