Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Today I'm obsessed with...

...finding the PERFECT big bag!

I've never been a tiny-purse kind of girl.... usually I carry a mid-sized bag. But I recently decided that I would trade all of my mid-sized bags for one fabulous giant bag. I own one that is really great, but...its not perfect. I've had it for....probably about 4 years now, and its definitely showing its age. (Its the 4-years-ago version of this bag... different colors, but exactly the same shape and pockets on the inside).

The Good: I like the colors...light grey with hot pink details (and no leopard spots!); it has sooo many pockets on the inside....I like everything to have a place in my bag so I don't have to dig to find something!; it has a padded laptop sleeve; its the perfect size.

The Bad: Its soooo stained and generally gross-looking! Pretty sure people give me funny looks when I carry it.

The bottom line: Time for a new bag!

I have an idea of the perfect bag in my mind.... but have had no luck in finding it in real life! This always happens to me.... I know exactly what I'm looking for, and will search high and low, with no success. I've been to the mall....Nothing. Marshalls? Nope. Target? Nada. Amazon? A few possibilities, but I want to see it in the flesh to determine if its just-right or not. So.... the search continues!

My requirements: Big (big enough for my laptop), structured (no hobos!), lots of pockets....I mean lots (at least 2 large compartments on the inside, separate cell phone pocket, a couple of zippered pockets on the inside, plenty of pockets on the outside, preferably with specific places for pens/pencils), and probably metallic silver or gold in color. Am I too picky??

Here are a few I've found online that have piqued my interest....

Any suggestions??


  1. I was going to suggest Marshall's and then I read that you had tried there. I find all my bags there. I hope you find the perfect one! I know it can be tough. I found my perfect bag at my university bookstore!

  2. good luck on your journey! the seach must be frustrating :/


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