Thursday, January 27, 2011

Feel Happy.

Ugh. I feel really anxious today...not really sure why.
I think its this whole having classes in the evening thing... I hate having things "hanging over my head". You know, like when you have to work an evening shift? I've always been like that - I feel like I can't do anything during the day because I won't have enough time (even though that's not true). I feel anxious and rushed all day because I have an obligation in the evening. That's just silly! But that's how anxiety works, isn't it.

Coffee always makes me feel better ;-)

Its still snowing... we have a good 2 feet of snow (including what was already on the ground prior to last night's snow storm), and its still coming down in teeny-tiny flakes! Crazy. I have to leave here at 1:00 to get to my 2:00 class, and then babysit, and then find something to do for 2 1/2 hours until my 6:30 class. Poo. I don't like that time in-between when I have nothing to do! Its too early in the semester to have any homework to do, or to have anything to study - we're still just getting started! I'll probably end up getting some dinner and.... going grocery shopping? Haha.

I don't have too much going on yet today... so how about a playlist? I need some tunes to shoo-away the angsty feelings this morning! Enjoy! :)

Music that Makes Me Happy:

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