Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What's in your {shiny, gold} bag?

(1) iPod Touch + Poketo pouch  (2) Headphones  (3) Hello Kitty notepad
(4) Pens   (5) massive wad of keys  (6) Candy! Hello Kitty sours, mint candycane, and Sprees candy cane..Mmmm!  (7) Wallet   (8) Cellphone   (9) Brown Sugar & Fig body lotion and Vanilla body spray
(10) compact mirror   (11) oil-blotting sheets (must-have!)   (12) assorted and ever-changing collection of lip balms/glosses

(click to zoom)

Its kind of funny to see all of my stuff laid out like that.... sometimes I even have more than that in my bag! During the semester? TONS more stuff! Haha! And do you like my new bag? I love it! The very best part is that it only cost $17 at Kohl's (I hate that store...this is the one and only time I walked out of that store in a good mood), AND it came with an umbrella! :-D

So, what's in your bag?

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  1. my purse is from kohls too. I use to like that store, but I'm getting tired of it.


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