Friday, February 4, 2011


♥ this!!!

Good morning!
First off, thank you for all of the sweet birthday wishes yesterday - I didn't celebrate (we'll do that this evening) or do anything special, but it was a great day all-around. :)

I've got a full plate today! I don't have any classes today, but I'm going to head to campus to work on a GIS lab (I included a link to the wiki about GIS in case anyone is interested in nerd-stuff like that ;-) that I've been putting off for a week now, and then pick up the kiddos at 12:30 because they have early dismissal today. So that's 4 hours of babysitting... I need to come up with something fun for us to do today!
We haven't done any crafty projects in a while... hmmm.....

Also, its Friday, which means its time to share an Instax photo!
I'll have to do that later today because right now, I need to get showered and ready to spend a couple of hours outside, in the cold, collecting data....eep!

So come back by later today and hopefully I will have some fun things to share!

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