Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy LOVE Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

In case you missed it, my Heart Headband tutorial is still up over at Sunshine & Carousels.
Its super-quick and easy to make, and uses supplies you most likely have laying around the house already!
So you have plenty of time to make one (or a few!) today!

♥ ♥ ♥

I made a sweet love-themed treasury this morning, too.
How cute are those little sweet-pea earrings?? LOVE!

ETA : My headband tutorial is featured on Punk Project's "Make it Monday"!
Thanks, Katie! xoxo


  1. no problem girl! love the headband.

  2. i love the head band and the treasury!!! i need to try and make that (headband.) just lovely <3 happy valentine's day!

  3. it's no surprise your headbands been picked up by these blogger girls. i swear it's one of the best creations ever!

    if my pocket jingly didn't have the closed door policy right now i'd be in line for one too. and oh yes, little sweet pea earings are really darling. happy week to you lovie. ♥


I love reading your comments! Thanks so much! xo

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