Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Sunday! Today is living up to its name - the sun is out and shining, but I've been spending my time inside, wrapped up in a blanket with my dogs keeping me cozy, reading my book, watching shows about dinosaurs on t.v., and doing a little art journaling.

This book is soooo good! I started it on Friday, and I'm already half-way through! I find symbology and religion highly fascinating, and best of all, this novel is set in Washington, D.C. so I can picture some of the places mentioned! Kinda makes me want to take a little trip into D.C. and visit the Museum of Natural History (my favorite!). I definitely need to see the Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef exhibit before it closes in April! It looks so cool!

Wow, I digress...anyway.... I made some new pages in my art journal today:

This spread might just be my favorite yet. The kraft paper is a little 'pocket' I made for the geisha postcard...the postcard is something I picked up for a few cents at the antique store.  And that little glassine envelope with a wax seal? It came on an Anthro sweater I bought in Portland 2 years held the extra button that came with it.


  1. Haven't read a Dan Brown novel in a while, will get this on my Kindle as soon as I finish the book I'm reading now. Love the art journal, might give one a try myself! Thx for the inspiration.

  2. Omg - how cool does that crochet coral exhibit look?? Wow!! The Natural History Museum is so cool! And happy reading! I need a new book, soon...


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