Thursday, March 3, 2011

Go ahead. Make my day. ;)

Whew! I am so glad today is over! I am officially on Spring break! Wooooo! My big, exciting plans? I'm going to start data collection for my thesis! Wooooo! Haha. I do get to go to the beach, anyway...even though it'll be chilly and there will certainly not be any sunbathing. But nevermind that.

Because I'm so looking forward to Spring, my heart pitter-patterned extra fast when I saw this dress on Modcloth tonight.... and then my poor little heart broke in a million pieces because this dress is $160.00... What?! That's just not fair. This is possibly the most perfect dress EVER and I will never get to wrap myself in all of its pastel glory. *huff*

Ooh! But in other news.....!
Wait. I'm going to save it for tomorrow because I didn't have time to do today's List this morning.... so I'll share some exciting plans tomorrow! Now I need to go check the laundry (its after 11 p.m.) because....when I got home from school at 9:30 tonight, I discovered that my dogs had apparently eaten a bunch of chocolate while I was gone today....and vomited all. over. my. room..........including in my bed.

But. I came upon something in my wanderings of the Interwebs this evening that made everything (yes, even the chocolate-dog-throw-up) better:

aaaaaand, last but certainly not least!!

Yes, Thom, I'll come to your yard for a milkshake! :D

♥ ♥ ♥


  1. Oh that dress is so cute, but I don't know how any one can afford $160 for one dress! Sigh.

  2. Hello hello,
    I want to tell you that I saw at H&M a kind of dress you have on you're blog now. The wave-pattern is HOT.They have it in little and big waves. I think you can afford these. 160 euro is a lot of money but I most say that I am crazy enough to buy something when it's realy worth it.I like to follow the stuff you make. By the way:star-patterns are hot!Lovely dutch greetings with heart&soul from Sil.

  3. dude, for reals?! modcloth stuff isn't usually that much pocket jingly - geesh. i could totally see you looking so fly in that pretty frock though.

    congrats on spring break in effect, a cheer is required for sure on that achievement. awe, poor pups, don't they know chocolate is bad for them : (

    yah master thom, he's such a crazy body configuerer (is that even a word?) well made it up to the top. wishing you a hella good time off and hat tips to many more date night fun times too. ♥

  4. That vid of Thom is hysterical!!


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