Thursday, March 3, 2011


Today was a crazy day... I had piles and piles of schoolwork to do in the morning, then picked the kids up after school, and babysat until about 7:00 last night. We (they) had a pajama dance-party, teased me about my recent D-A-T-E (haha!), watched Bambi, and made lego zombies. Never a dull moment with these guys!

Today I still have piles and piles of work to do - I want to get it out of the way as early as possible this morning so I can play with my new camera - it came in the mail yesterday! I did a little happy-dance...then remembered that I hadn't bought any film yet! Haha. So I stopped at Target on my way home from babysitting last night. Funny story: I was searching in the electronics/camera dept for 35mm film, but couldn't find any. I asked the teenage girl working at the electronics counter if they had any 35mm film, and she just gave me this blank stare. There was a 40ish woman standing nearby who just started cracking up. She said, "Honey, I don't think they even make that anymore!" What!? Hahaha. I explained to the young girl, "You put it in the camera....."  Then, she understood what I meant and lead me over to the two little boxes of film they had. She was like, "Oh, here's the only film we have. I don't know anything about this stuff, so....I don't know how you can tell if its 35mm or not." HAHAHA oh man. I'm not that old, come on! Is asking for film akin to asking for an 8-track or something?? Hahaha!


  1. Lego zombies xD Sounds like fun!

    Maybe some teenagers are just a little more clueless than others? Though digital is the thing now, I think film is likely to always stick around. :D ... Or could that be what they said about the 8track? haha

  2. you have a gorgeous logo that caught my attention and brought me here. now I'm following you!

  3. I still see film all the time!! try drugstores! but that's so funny, now i feel so old.

    my sister is 17 and this summer i had my instax camera out and she asked what it was, told her it was an instant camera and she was like... wha??????

  4. too funny! love the new camera lades but that film story is epic!!!

    i went back to school last summer for a few months and it was a web development program so lots of photoshop/illustrator stuff but when our teacher asked the class if we remembered how to use "paint" i raised my hand high and was like "oh, i loved art class, mixing colors and so forth rocks!"

    everyone winced...the teacher looked at me (the most mature student in the room) and said "oh Lynn, i meant the PROGRAM paint!" gasp, the horror, so embarrassing, almost died. haha

    have a blast with your new found treasure, such a relic it is ; )

    xo ♥


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