Friday, April 22, 2011

Paper-shmaper! I know where my priorities are!

So...I had originally set today aside to work on my Environmental Geology term paper (that is due on this coming Thursday). I'm not so sure that's how the day is going to play out.

Last night after class ended at 9:15, a bunch of us decided to go out and have a beer. I love going out with these guys. They're a really swell bunch. ♥  After midnight, we got really hungry and went out for subs and french fries... listened to Arcade Fire super-loud in my car, then headed home. This is becoming somewhat of a regular occurence....and I'm totally cool with that! There's this guy.... wink wink.... I think I've let on to that, haven't I? I really like hanging out with him.... we're so similar - both always down for anything. Spontaneity!! I don't want to jinx myself and say that I like where this is going, but.... I'm fairly certain that he greatly enjoys hanging out with me as well. :-D

I got home around 2:00 this morning - wayyyy past my bedtime! Haha. So I'm a little tired this morning. Not too bad, but tired enough to be tempted to find an excuse not to do schoolwork today. Plus its cloudy outside - I never do work when its cloudy! Furthermore, its Earth Day!!!!! There's a celebration on campus today that is calling my name..... much more so than a term paper about saltwater intrusion, hehehe.

So anyway. No pictures yet today... sorry! I'm just trying to gather myself and decide what today is going to be like.... hopefully I'll be back later with some interesting material. ;-)

Happy Earth Day!!

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