Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sky high

Thanks for the comments wishing my cat well - he's on an antibiotic, and the vet said he should be fine in about a week. Phew! Huge sigh of relief.

Today was such a beautiful spring-y day... the sun was shining, and it was about 70 degrees for a little while there....I just had to go to the mall and find the perfect pair of sandals to wear to the Kills show on Sunday... hehe. I knew I wanted a pair of black gladiator-type sandals, with a wedge or a platform, and of course they had to be vegan....


They are seriously comfortable! I was shocked when I tried them on and walked around the store a little.. super-easy to walk in! Plus, they are cuuuuuuute - another shopper stopped and said, "Girl, you need those shoes! They are cute!!" hahahaha. Made my day. I'm thinking they might be a secret weapon to help in my man-wooing efforts....hahahaha!

I definitely already have an outfit picked out.... Sunday might require at least one wardrobe change, though, since we're going to spend the day checking out the D.C...probably going to go to a few museums, et cetera... but yeah, I have my outfit for the show picked out already anyway. Its a dress I've shared on here before... definitely shows off the 'guns' - haha!

It is this dress, but in a different print -
its navy blue and has purple feathers on it.

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  1. I LOVE those shoes! You had to know the shoe queen was going to comment! Those are definitely going to "work" haha


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