Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wish us luck!

I have to take my 14-year old cat, Trinket, to the vet this morning. Yesterday morning I noticed that his nose was super-runny and generally pretty disgusting, so I made an appointment pronto. It looks like a really bad cold, and I've got my fingers crossed that's all it is, but I'm still apprehensive...he's so old! If he has pneumonia or something I'm worried about what they're going to tell me.  :(

Trinket's all about squishing himself into small spaces. This pic is 4 years old, though - he took up residence in a basket on top of the dryer in the bathroom and hasn't left in a good 2 years, hahaha.

Besides the vet appointment, this week is looking pretty good. I found out last night that I don't have to write a term paper for Karst like I thought I did (and its a good thing since next week is the last week of classes before finals!)... so I only have 1 big term paper to write, and I've got Friday set aside for that.

Its rainy and ugly today, but I'm wearing flip-flops regardless.Tomorrow is supposed to be 80 degrees and mostly sunny! Definitely looking forward to that!!

Sorry for the generally un-interesting posts lately...I just need to get through these last 2 weeks of school and I'm freeee! Life has just been pretty hectic-in-a-good-way lately, so...bear with me!

Since I don't have anything super-fabulous to share today, I thought I'd respond to a few comments I've received recently. I've been meaning to do it, and just kept forgetting. Oops.

First, many of you complimented my new 'do and highlights - thanks!! I love having short hair, hehe. A lot of you commented on the new color....but I didn't change the color! The highlights I got are very subtle - you can actually hardly see them, they're so light. My hair color didn't change at all...I think it just looks different because there is actual sunlight in my recent pictures, hahaha. I've never dyed my hair, ever! I love my natural color and would be afraid I'd never get it right again hahaha.

Also, I got a lot of comments asking where I got the LOVE shirt I'm wearing in this picture:

I ordered it from Delias a couple of months ago, but its still available (and in other designs, too) -its one of my most favorite shirts ever!! Now that I think about it, I should probably order it in nautical stripes myself... I wear the heck out of it, and you know how I love me some nautical stripes! haha!

Ok, I think that's all for now. I have to get the cat loaded in the carrier and head to the vet.
Wish us luck today!


  1. i hope your kitty is okay! she's so cute all squished up in that little box. i love cats, they're so mysterious.

    good luck at the vet and with the rest of your classes!!!

  2. Oh I hope Trinket is ok! I know the feeling about just having to get through until the end of term... I graduate from uni this Summer, and I'm counting down the days!! Thanks for sharing where the top was from... and they deliver to the UK!! Happy days =) x

  3. i love your hair! i recently cut mine really short for the first time and i have thought about highlights. looking at your pictures makes me want to get them highlighted really soon, it looks so nice!


I love reading your comments! Thanks so much! xo

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