Sunday, April 17, 2011

Wiz Wit!

Woo! The past 24 hours may just have been the
In a moment of spontaneity and impulsiveness, Thursday night it was decided that Jake, Trent and I would drive to Philadelphia Friday night to see Joan As Police Woman.

The venue, Tin Angel, was tiny - there were literally about 25 people there, and we were the youngest by about 25 years. Crazy!! I just don't understand how JAPW isn't freaking famous, playing sold-out shows!! Anyway. Jen Hess opened for Joan...she was doing a cover of Neil Young's "Down by the River". Jake absolutely loves Neil of course he was singing along (and the guy can SING)... and Jen Hess stopped playing and asked Jake to come up on stage with her. He did, and they sang together. It was awesome. Of course by the time I figured out the buttons on my camera, it was over. Le sigh.

Joan was, hands-down, the BEST live show I have ever seen. Jake said so too, and Jake has probably seen about 18,974,982 shows. For serious.

May I recommend clicking on each of the pictures to enlarge them... I am particularly pleased with how awesome they came out, and you just can't tell unless you look at 'em bigger!!

The show ended pretty early...around 9:30! So we walked around the city, got some dinner, played some pool at an Irish pub, and took some goofy pictures.... good times all around!!

Normal faces: 

Serious faces: 



We nerded out in front of the topography mural in the subway... 

The boys really enjoyed their authentic Philly cheesesteaks! Hahaha.
Philadelphia is a good 3-hour drive from home.... we arrived back home around 5:00 this morning. I drove. Man, were we beat! I dropped Trent off at his place, then Jake and I went back to his apartment. I was not going to drive the extra 40 minutes back to my house. We woke up off-and-on throughout the day, but didn't officially get out of bed (or couch, in my case) until 3:00 this afternoon - at which time it was decided that we were in desperate need of pancakes and hashbrowns. So we drove, in torrential downpours, 30 minutes down the highway to the nearest IHOP and ate enormous amounts of breakfast-for-dinner....then perused the cds at Borders...then went home. I got back to my house at 8:00 tonight... and I'm already counting down the hours until next Sunday, when Jake and I are going to see The Kills in D.C. siiighhh

I thought I'd be tired tonight and be able to fall asleep, but that is not the case... good thing Coachella is streaming live right now! Definitely going to be up all night!!

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