Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What NOT to Wear

This past weekend was, like, the best EVER.
Friday night I went out with a bunch of school buddies. Good times were had all around!
The only damper on our evening was a shall I say this...scantily clad mademoiselle at the first bar we went to. You can't really tell in the photo (her inclusion in the photo was a total accident anyway), but here's the rundown of her "outfit" (if you can call it that):
- corset top
- "skirt" that literally did not cover all of the things it needed
to cover (read: we saw things that we DID NOT want to see)
- Fishnet thigh-highs
- stiletto heels
- baseball cap
- too much makeup

For anyone who was wondering how short I am.... Mark, to my right, is sitting down...and I am standing in all my glory! And look at Hannah, bending down to my level...and she's still taller than me! Hahaha! I never think about how small I am... until I see pictures like this!

Not to be totally mean, but the, uh, hills and crevasses on her thighs kind of hinted that maybe she should have worn a slightly longer skirt.... just sayin'. It was funny to hear the guys' commentaries on her get-up... the general concensus was that a "sexy" look definitely could have been achieved with MUCH more clothing!

Anyway. I was like, "Good thing I didn't wear the same outfit! I was going to, but mine was dirty." Hehehe.

So yeah, I didn't get home until around 2:00 a.m. on Saturday.... then I headed to Annapolis that afternoon to visit my bestie and go to the DC United vs. LA Galaxy game in DC. Super fun! Everybody boo'ed David Beckham (dreamy), which I thought was very unsportsmanlike....though I'm pretty sure he didn't touch the ball once. Hmm.

Those are my favorite glasses! Haha!

I spent Saturday night in Annapolis, and was planning on leaving fairly early on Sunday so I could do my take-home Karst Hydrogeology exam on Sunday (due Monday at 6:30 p.m.).... except Lani and I just had to go to the mall..... and I didn't leave for home until 8:30 p.m.! We were having too much fun catching up (haven't seen each other in 2 years!)...drinking lots of coffee, eating vegan cupcakes, going to all of our old haunts.... I got home close to 11:00 p.m., and got up at 6:00 on Monday and churned that exam right out! Took me 5 hours..... you'd think I'd have learned my lesson by now. (But, on the bright side... it took others in my class 10 hours start-to-finish). Urgh.

This week is pretty awesome so far... funky schedules mean I don't have to babysit much this week, some profs are at a conference in Seattle so a few classes are cancelled. I think we have a plan to go out Thursday night, since we don't have class.... and I've got plans with a certain guy on Easter! (Our plans have absolutely nothing to do with Easter...we're going to a Kills show in just happens to be on Easter haha). So....that's good. ♥
Hooray for awesome weeks, filled with good beer, good food, and good company!

Prepare yourself for some ridiculousness.....

Listening to: St. Vincent


  1. hahaha! i love the "what not to wear!" so funny. people are down right CRAZY! i admit sometimes i have to give some women credit for feeling comforable enough in their skin to wear some stuff, but that lady was over the top! it sounds like you had an amazing weekend! man, do i miss those days! enjoy them.

    have fun at the concert with the man ^_~

  2. If the (incredibly interesting) woman in the first picture was "What NOT to wear" then your pretty "LOVE" jumper is definitely the what to wear!! It's just lovely! Where did you get it?
    Have a gorgeous Easter =) x

  3. Aw I love your silly faces in the end! Silly faces are my favorite! You are too cute!

    I honestly don't know how some people can leave the house the way they do? I'm sure she was taking pointers from the Jersey Shore.

    Love your blog!
    I hope you have a beautiful day!

  4. Well that lady looks like she'd be hell of a party buddy... NOT haha

    And you're so cute! You seem like you'd be tall ;)

  5. so cute!! very funny about the "outfit" i hate that!

  6. I never understand why people think they look good in those outfits. Kudos for her for having courage but no kudos for lacking taste. It looks like you had a great time though. I'm only 5'1" so I know how you feel about being short. I never notice it until I meet someone shorter than me and go, "Oh, so this is how others feel around me."

  7. i LOVE those glasses! pretty pretty blue, also im in love with your 'love' shirt! too cute! :)


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