Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Today in pictures

Today was an AWESOME day.

Matt and I went to High Rock in the morning... it was really windy and cold, but beautiful!


After we left High Rock, we took a drive down to Wegman's, where Matt bought some hot sauce... and proceeded to eat it, out of the bottle cap, in the car. He was hungry!

Since the poor guy was so hungry, we decided to have lunch at California Tortilla... he had never been there, but I knew he would love the epic wall of hot sauces...

Lunch started out looking like this.... 

and then this happened....... 

and lunch ended looking more like this. ;-)

His head was literally sweating.... noses were running, and mouths were on fire! We both love hot food though, so I guess we'd consider this a great success!

The afternoon turned dreary and rainy, so we came home and took an hour-long nap.


  1. Just wanted to say: I just found your blog, it's adorable and I am in love with that pic of you with the star head band :)

  2. :-)
    Sounds like a lovely day


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