Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Hello, from coastal Virginia! Sorry for the long pause...since, uh...January. My last semester of grad school had me super busy, and then I was non-stop job searching, and then I got a job, and then.... it was today. So, yeah. I have been wanting to blog again, but really just haven't had anything worthwhile to share in so long... it feels like my life has been in some weird in-between state of limbo for such a long time. But lately I've been feeling like I'm on the up-swing, and actually have things to share again! I've been out of school long enough to get out of that mindset, and actually develop likes and interests again! (Isn't that just terrible that I stopped having likes and interests? But I did! I sooo didn't have time to actually be interested in anything other than doing my schoolwork!! Aghhh!) ANYWAY.

Here is a brief synopsis of what all has transpired since January:

- School was absolutely insane, but I'm finished with coursework! Just have to do my thesis...NBD...

- I have a boyfriend (Matt).

This was our first picture together as a couple

- Its serious..... as in, we're moving in together in a few weeks!

- "Moving in" actually means.... we're moving to New Hampshire!

- I've been working as the College Program Assistant at the Marine Science Consortium this summer.

- This Friday is my last day, then I'm going home to pack, then I'm moving up to New Hampshire with Matt!! Craziness!

Here are some photos of what my summer has been like...

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