Monday, September 24, 2012

Odiorne State Park and Fort Constitution

This morning we headed south just a few minutes, where you will find Odiorne State Park (and the Seacoast Science Center, where I would love to be employed).
The rocky shoreline is so beautiful, and the tide pools are filled with little snails.
Not sure if this is from a crab or a lobster...but it was big!
We walked all along the beach, until we saw this in the distance:
It appears to be a Blair Witch beach??
We made a rock pile too. :)
After leaving Odiorne, on our way back home, we saw signs for Fort Consititution. Its a state park, but its actually inside the gates of a Coast Guard base. So, there's a blue line painted on the ground, and lots of signs direction you to "stay on the blue line" and NOT to leave that blue line. If you step off the blue line...bad things happen.
We literally walked right through the Coast Guard base....on the blue line, of course! A CG helicopter had just landed really close by, which was pretty cool.
Anyway, Fort Constitution was built in the late1800s, I believe.  


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