Wednesday, October 3, 2012

4 Things.

1. We have been watching a lot of Harry Potter!
Between the DVR and our DVD collection, we have the entire series of movies.
My youngest sister is making us Gryffindor scarves for Christmas.
2. I have turned into quite the Suzy Homemaker
I have been cooking up a storm...and it's good! Even the picky-eater, non-vegan, likes my food. I think the apple pie - crumb cake muffins from the other day are my finest creation to date, but the tofu pot pie, chili, and spicy peanut sate were close seconds! Oh, and my beer bread is the. best.
 3. Our three pups are so spoiled rotten.
No, really. So stinkin' cute, but sooo spoiled rotten.
4. My boyfriend can rock the silliest hats.
He even looks better than me in some of my hats. ;-)

It's a slow day here, friends. I've been putzing around the house, getting the guest room set-up for our friend coming to visit on Friday. It rained alllllll day here (ew), and the drear has made me feel kinda "bleh". I'm kinda sleepy. Matt won't be home from work 'til after 10:00, and I promised him a fresh loaf of beer bread.

Fingers crossed for a sunnier day tomorrow!

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