Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Yet another rainy day today called for a trip to the bagel shop this morning. I had my favorite - a tomato and dill bagel with tofutti [vegan] cream cheese. With an orange juice. Yum!!!
Matt had his standard - a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich on an everything bagel. And a large coffee, for him. Oh man. Good stuff.
Matt is at work for the rest of the day, and I'm working in the guest room, preparing it for our first visitor!! Our good friend Trent is coming to visit on Friday!! So far all I've done is hang up some art on the walls... and I'm not really sure what else to do in there. I'll have to revisit in a little while. Pictures to come when I'm done!
In other news, I got an email from a lady about a pretty awesome-sounding nannying gig. I emailed her back, now I'm just waiting to hear back. Fingers crossed!

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