Saturday, October 27, 2012

A day of thrifting!

Since moving to Portsmouth in September, I've only gone to Savers a couple of times.
But since I only just started working, I haven't had any money to shop until now!
And its a real shame; last week there were some grrrreat items I soooo wanted to buy but just couldn't. Boo, hiss.
Anyway, I went today and was a little disappointed in the housewares section - I have a specific list of things I'm looking for, and had no luck today. I did, however, find a pair of jeans (that I have already in another color; in short length!) for $4.99, a North Face undershirt for $5.99, and an Eastern Mountain Sports quarter-zip pullover for $7.99!
Feeling dissatisfied with my lack of finds for our house, I decided to do a quick iPhone search to see if there is a Goodwill in Portsmouth. Luckily, I found one just a few minutes away! It was really cluttered and kinda dusty, but there was a lot of good stuff and pretty decent prices!!
I found this huge, ceramic bowl made in Portugal for only $5.99! I've been looking for a nice bowl to keep our fruits and veggies in for a while now.
But I think my best find of the day was this BRAND NEW 2-gallon fishtank for $3.99!!!!
It was in its original box, with all the parts - an under-gravel filtration system, a pump and airstones, and a hood with a light. The lightbulb doesn't work, but that's easy enough to replace. I've been wanting to get a fish for a while now, so this was a really lucky find!
I went to the pet store right away and spent quite a long time trying to pick just the right fish.
You can't tell in this picture, but his sides are actually kind of silvery-teal in the light.
What should we name him??

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