Wednesday, May 9, 2007

All things cute

Piles upon piles of new clothes!!

This dress to wear to Lauren's wedding (since its garden-themed.... there's even a little grasshopper on the dress!)

This adorable silk top with a crafty little girl on it, and her flowery boots and dress forms...

And here's my dress from Papaya!
I got lots of other stuff, too, but its very difficult to take pictures of oneself and not look like a [complete] idiot. So I'll leave the rest to your imagination!

And now for more cuteness!


Apparently my purse was quite fascinating and needed to be explored very thoroughly!

That lil' orange cutie is my future-kitty! For now he goes by Porkchop, but mom's not so keen on that name....we'll see! ;)

And the cutest of them all....Duffy!

Sleeping on my stuffed mooses this morning.


  1. I love those dresses! Great finds! Is the first dress from forever21??

  2. Yep! That dress is my new favorite thing in the whole world EVER.


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