Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Good morning!

Good morning! I've got lots of exciting things to post about today!

First, I should tell you about my fantastic day of shopping in Annapolis yesterday. I picked up some really wonderful stuff (mostly at Forever21 - I think I hit the jackpot there yesterday!) - a dress to wear to Lauren's wedding on the 26th of this month, a few really nice shirts, and 2 skirts. Oh, and a cute pair of sneakers for $6! Yay! I also got my hair cut (thank goodness - it was looking pretty puffy!), and..... well, I'll just have to show you pictures of all the things I got later on today.

I just checked the shop and my Love Machine necklace finally sold!

He was the very first item I ever listed in my shop, and now he's going all the way to New Mexico!
Oh! And - last night when I got home (around 10:30), there was a package waiting for me on the stairs. It was my dress from Papaya!! I love it very, very much!
Ok, now I have to spruce up the room a little, groom myself, and take some pictures of all the stuff I got yesterday! Check back in a little while for some picture-y goodness!

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