Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Happy Wednesday, and I've gone and done it again.

Spend money, that is.

It seems to be my very best talent!

I got off work at 3:00 today and only just got home around 9:00. I shopped ALL DAY. But - I only got things that I neeeeeeded! I swear! All day at work, I made myself lists of important things that I needed to buy for upcoming events (such as: Lauren's wedding in 2 weeks ~yikes~ an old friend from high school coming to visit from Austria in 2 days ~double yikes~ said Austrian's birthday was today, so I needed to get him a gift, naturally~ Father's Day ~ok, I still have some time before I need to worry about this one, but I found the PERFECT gift today~ and the list goes on and on!)

Anyway, I got just about every single thing on my long, long list. Thank goodness! Because now I'm exhausted. :-/

I'm honestly too tired to put up tons of pictures, but I will put a few up as a little teaser.... definitely come back and visit tomorrow. I promise I will have lots and lots of pictures for you then!

I'm sure I know at least one of my readers who will be simply delighted with this thrifted find.... any guesses what it is?

The only thing that I bought for myself today..... expect to see some one of a kind t-shirt stuff from me real soon! PS - I was super-excited to see one of the projects in here was from this lovely lady.

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