Thursday, May 17, 2007

Project-Thursday, and pictures as I promised!

I finally made Lauren's wedding present!
She requested a "special" box (you know, to keep "special" underwear, etc. in for "special" nights? *wink wink*). Nothing too obvious, as it will sit on the nightstand. Well, here it is. I love how it turned out (if I may say so myself)! It took a couple of hours to put it all together...probably about 3. But the end is worth the means! My fingers are absolutely stuck together with hot-glue hairs, and its probably all over my carpet, but the box. is. done. !!!

This picture shows the damask a little better, but the coloring is most similar to the first picture. I turned the flash on for this one so you could see it!

This is a paper doily I glued to the top! I just loved the design, and it matched my fabric, so I had to glue it on there!

I had originally planned on using some crystal brads to hold the doily on to the top, but I decided against it - mostly because I recently acquired an acute fear of poking holes in things with scissors, since I nearly sliced my own finger off a few weeks ago. (PS - I've got most of the feeling back in that finger now. Finally.)

I'm planning on a few other things to go along with the pretty box: a feather tickler (like the one I made before, except all-black), a book called Hostels U.S.A. (got it yesterday at Borders; Lauren and Mike are camping/hiking/roadtrip/hostel nuts), I might attempt making a drawstring bag to keep naughty things in from the same fabric as the box, and I want to buy her a pair of panties from Victoria's Secret that say "Bride" or "Just Married" on them. Or something silly like that.

Ok, Lauren just called and wants me to come play with kittens.
How can I say no to that?

I will return later and post lots and lots of fun pictures!

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