Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Flowers, thrift stores, and love (is all you need)

Well! I have been having a wonderful week, so far!
Chris is home from school for a few weeks (actually he's been home for almost a week now, and he'll be home for another week), so of course I just couldn't be happier. ♥
His mom came over on Monday and chatted with my mom about flowers and gardening and the such. It was very strange, to see them together, as we've been dating for 3 years and they've never met. I guess it was about time.... and things went very well. I was glad. They seem to like each other. It looks like we'll be doing a flower-trade between ourselves this summer.... she's given me a whole bunch of plants already; and I dug up some Lamb's Ear and an Oriental Poppy for her on Monday. What a wonderful way to get new plants! And she said my garden looks wonderful! That certainly made my day. :)
Yesterday, I didn't have to be at work til 5 p.m. so Chris and I decided to make it a Thrift-Shopping Day. We went to 3 different Goodwills around our area, and got some pretty good stuff! Actually, the only things I got were books and 1 set of coasters (which I absolutely adore), but the books that I found made me so happy that I didn't even care about not getting other stuff.
I took some pictures of all the books I got, but I haven't loaded them yet.... I have to go pick up Chris so we can spend the day together (though we're not quite sure how we're going to spend it yet... ??) Anyway, I will write some more later because I do have more to tell you!
Lovely, happy Wednesdays to you all!

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