Sunday, June 3, 2007

Rainy, rainy day

Oh, what a rainy, dreary day it is! But that's good. My brand new garden needs some rain!

Yes, that's right. I finally finished digging up my new garden, and even planted a bunch of plants yesterday! My Grandma gave me a bunch of plants from her gardens. We're not even sure what some of them are called, but all of them are very pretty! I'm super-excited about the lavender she gave me.... I love lavender! And my mini roses! I planted all 3 of them along one edge of the garden.... they look so pretty! I didn't even realize it, but there's already a rose bush growing along the edge of where I made my garden (there used to be a garden there, years ago). I think my Grandma said they're called Rose of Sharon?? Something like that. Anyway, they're a beautiful, deep reddish-pink. And on the other side of my garden is a huge lilac bush/tree... lovely! I don't have any pictures of the finished garden yet, since it is such a dreadfully grey day, but I promise as soon as I can I will put some pictures up!
Here's a picture I took when I first started digging.... lilacs on the right....

Roses and daffodils on the left! And cute little birdhouses!

Just imagine all of the grass between the roses and lilacs dug up and in its place, a beautiful garden! ;)

I've been busy the past few days getting ready for my showcase spot on Tuesday.
Mostly just brainstorming at this point (yes, I am a procrastinator)... last night around 8:30 I got a fabulous idea to make a gardening apron for myself, as I looked like a mud monster after working in the garden for only a little while. So I made this:

My very own gardening apron!

I am sooooo happy with how it turned out! I am, in fact, so happy with it that I made a second one this evening. Its the exact reverse of the one above.... its mainly the bunny fabric, and the pockets are green. Its all finished and put together except I don't have enough white string to make the ties in the back. So I'll pick some up tomorrow, and be done with it. I think that will be my main showcase item.

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