Friday, June 1, 2007

What's black, and white, and grey all over?

Trinket, of course!

(In black and white, that is!)

Trinket is my oldest, most favorite kitty. He's about..hmm....11 or 12 years old, I think. Maybe not that old. He's at least 10, I'm sure. Anyway, I just love him. He's so sweet, but in a completely dignified way. There's something very regal about him... just look at him!

Don't let his princely posture fool you; he has his goofy side too!

Remember yesterday, when I alluded to a new, special something from the Goodwill? I have pictures now, so here they are!

Its a ceramic mixing bowl (?) from Harry and David, and I am absolutely in love with it. If it weren't for the facts that a) I don't have my own kitchen at the moment (and mom doesn't need a huge, ceramic mixing bowl), and b) it has a tiny, itty-bitty hairline crack in the glaze.... I would use it for other purposes. But it is what it is, and so, I have turned it into a planter for some begonias.

And its sitting on top of THIS:

How awesome is that??! Its not exactly a match made in Heaven, but right now its functional. And functional is good. But when I saw the fish plant-stand at the Goodwill (for $2!!) I HAD to have it. Its pretty substantial - heavy, but not heavy enough to be wood...I think its resin. Either way, its cool. I'm going to pick up some outdoor-furniture sealant and see if I can make it suitable for my garden. Even if not, it looks pretty damn good on my porch. Now I just need a different pot to go on top of it (that matches a little better)!

And now, its started to rain. Finally! We need a little rain. There's some thunder off in the relaxing! Until the power goes out....hmm. Better sign off.


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  1. ooh, look at the kitty! I bet him and my Gimo would be good friends. They're both sweeties!


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