Friday, June 22, 2007

The sweetest vintage owl, and other yard sale finds

Hello, and happy Fridays to you all!

I had a lovely day today, hanging out with my dear friend Lauren all day.

A picture I borrowed from Shianne's facebook, from Lauren and Mike's wedding, since my camera battery died during the wedding, and I never put any pictures up.

We left bright and early this morning to go to an Amish bent-n-dent grocery store in Shippensburg called B.B.'s. If you've never been to a B-n-D, you simply must. They stock groceries that have smashed boxes, or cans that have a dent in them, or whatnot. You have to be careful to check expiration dates, because sometimes the food is slightly dated, but other than that, its fantastic! I left with about 6 bags filled, and I spent a grand total of $17. And its name-brand stuff, too. I love B.B.'s!

We spied many a yard sale on our way to B.B.'s, so we quickly stashed the groceries at Lauren's house and went yard saleing. There was one just across from her house, so we walked over to it. At first glance, it didn't look like much, but I found some really neat stuff! I got this vintage wooden.....thing......with cute little mushrooms and frogs on it:

Its a little shabby (*ahem*.....loved), but I love it all the same.

And these adorable little figurines:

2 bunnies, 2 kitties, and 2 mice

We stopped at a couple of other yard sales, but didn't find anything at all. Unsatisfied that this should be the end of our quest, we made a last-ditch effort at finding some treasures at one of our local Goodwills, where I found this:

The top of his head lifts off so you can hide treasures inside of him! He is my new Most Favorite Thing. ♥

I also got a big old tea-tin filled with hundreds of vintage buttons! The tin itself is fairly hideous, so I didn't bother taking pictures of it. I did, however, spend the better half of my evening sorting the buttons into Beautiful, Good-Enough, or Downright Awful piles. Thankfully there were quite a few in the finished Beautiful pile! I have big plans for these buttons....

"Plans? What plans?" you ask.

I'm not telling...yet! :)

And now, I'm going to lay in my cozy bed with my sleepy little kitten and watch Miss Potter, which I've heard is fabulous.



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