Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Whimsies and Whatnots

I've added a new section to my shop, titled Whimsies and Whatnots.
At the moment, there is only 1 product in it, but that's because I slept late today and have thus far wasted most of my day! Boo. But - this week is going to be the week of Whimsies and Whatnots! I am going to be listing plenty of different kits, full of bits and bobs, for your consumption!
Here is the first, available here:

I recently discovered that I have a wealth of un-used stuff: stickers, paper, embellishments, buttons, fabric (!!!), scrapbooking stuff... I occasionally (read: once every couple of years) try my hand at scrapbooking... and then quickly grow bored or frustrated. What's more, I discovered that many of my supplies carry common "themes", as seen above in the Garden pack.

Coming soon: Beaches, Francophile, Whimsy Dots, and probably some others!


In other news, I sold my first set of photo prints today, to my 100th heart, Melissa. Yay!


And now, its time for me to run out to the mailbox and check if I've received any packages today... and then get ready for work. No fun.

I hope you have all had lovely Tuesdays thusfar, and will continue to do so!


Edited to add that I did, in fact, receive a wonderful package today, from The Black Apple:

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