Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Wonderful, wonderful night!

Well, I had a fabulous night!
First, I found someone to trade hours with me tomorrow so I can go to the enormous community yardsale in Hagerstown tomorrow... its a tradition that I haven't been able to uphold in the past 3 years! Now, at last, I can go spend all of my money at the yard sales tomorrow! Hooray!
And, when I got home tonight, I had sold a pin set....to someone in Norway! This is my first sale to someone outside of the United States....how exciting! Though, there's a hitch - she ordered the Secret Garden pin set, and when I was packaging them tonight, I realized that I'm missing the snail pin.... I have absolutely no idea what could have become of it, besides maybe the kitten ate it? But probably not. I keep each set in a separate little baggie, inside of a big baggie, in a drawer. Where on earth is the snail?? The world may never know!

So, I offered to either refund her payment, or substitute her buttons with a different set, even with a 3-button set, for the same price. I feel so terrible that I can't send her the ones that she ordered! I feel like such a ninny! Hopefully she'll just choose a different set and not want a refund, not because I'm stingy and don't want to refund her payment, no! Because I'm super-excited to send a package to Norway!
Anyway, I must go to bed now, for I have to be up around 6:oo tomorrow morning, and I will work until 11:00 tomorrow night, so its going to be a looooong day! I hope you all have wonderful Independence Days, no matter how you spend them!

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