Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Grumble grumble grumble!

Oh man, I'm sleepy. I had lunch at Applebee's with Shi, which was delicious; but I ate entirely too much. And now I'm sleepy. It doesn't help that my 5:00 class has been cancelled... now I have nothing to do until 6:30. Yuck.
My *ahem* "special" friend here at school spotted me in the CUB today... of course, I just tried to ignore the fact that I'd been spotted, and typed away on my laptop with my headphones on. He just stood there, right beside my table, and stared at me until I (sigh) finally looked up and acknowledged the fact that I knew he was standing above me, mouth-breathing. Bleh. He said the same thing as always: "Hi. What are you doing? That looks like fun. Is that a fun class? Do you have a lot of work to do? Looks hard." I just stare at the computer screen and either nod or shake my head, and occasionally muster a weak "uh-huh" and whatnot. I know, I sound like a terribly rude person, but this type of thing happens to me a lot. I can't find it in myself to be mean and just say, "I don't want to be your friend, and quite frankly, you're bothering me". So I just try to ignore, which is probably just as rude. Chris gets frustrated with me - he says I should just be mean so he gets the hint. I just can't be mean to people though. It would haunt me forever.
But today... I did nearly snap. He had (pre-meditatedly!) written his phone number on a piece of paper and had it ready to pull out of his pocket when he saw me. Good lord.
Him: Here's my phone number, in case you ever want to call me.
Me: I have a boyfriend.
Him: Ok, just as friends.
Me: No.
Him: Just let me get to know you as a friend!
Me: ....No. And now, I'm going to finish doing my homework. Bye.
I know, I could have handled that differently, but seriously, my brain just shuts down in these situations. I get so mad! Its like, I've been trying, very politely, to let you know that I am NOT interested in any way, shape, or form, for months now. I definitely have not EVER sent mixed messages, or given him the wrong impression. I have made it very clear that I am not to be bothered, and that he IS bothering me when I am quitely clearly just trying to do my homework, with my headphones on, or chatting with friends. Leave me alone! It finally reaches this point, wherein I just go blind and have no other option than to say NO. Now leave me alone!

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